Mugwort is a project that blossomed out of percussionist Michael Kennett's underground-world-trance-brainchild "Jawihge" around the year 2000. Joshua Camozzi Milligan (the didgeridoo player, ambient supervisor, and most recent addition to the project) would often drift off into aetherial soundscapes while the band was on break from rehearsal. The upright bass player, Jeffrey Kolwitz, would occasionally join in the atmosphere to create a beautiful symbiosis between atmospheric space and melodic grooves. It was quite apparent that there was a special kind of chemistry between the two and Padrice Stewart (clarinetist, vocalist, and namer of names in the project) bestowed the name Mugwort upon the two......embodying the inherent dreamlike qualities of the herb to the sounds manifested.

Joshua Camozzi Milligan's (spacefairy.../ flowing guitar, guitar synth, theremin, loops, and samples create thick ambient walls of melodic/psychedelic soundscapes side by side with the the slow groove/hypnotic electric and upright bass playing of Jeffrey Kolwitz, who has also been know to play whistling tea kettles and music boxes. The two have enjoyed collaborations in the past, and had the pleasure of working with hurdy-gurdy player John Woosley back in 2003/4. It is rare and special occasions that these folks join together in the realms of improvisational music. Mugwort is dreamtime music. It can swell back and forth from tone, noise, and dissonance to tangible melody and structure.....the kind of music to take the mind away on a short journey through the aural cosmos.

These are 2 from an hour long session on the autumn equinox of 2003 (sept 23rd) in the living room of the snaK beetle, and one from a 2gyrlz performative arts benefit held at the Viscount Ballroom with previous spacefairy drummer dan stauffer (oct. 8th). Simply click on the smilies below to listen.............enjoy
excerpt #1 mugwort with john woosley on hurdy-gurdy autumn equinox sept. 23, 2003 4.9mb- ©2003 mugwort excerpt #2 mugwort with dan stauffer on drums oct. 8, 2003 - live at the Viscount Ballroom Portland, OR - 7.8mb - ©2003 mugwort
mugwort... dan stauffer, john woosley, jeffrey kolwitz, joshua camozzi milligan live at the Viscount Ballroom, Portland, OR. October 8, 2003