To • kä • ge, the solo project of joshua camozzi milligan, manifests undulating walls of loop based mayhem and melodic overdubbing. The lizard tree unfolds while an arsenal of blinking lights, switches, nobs, and levers aid in the induction and manipulation of sound and atmosphere. The intention is to create an altered state outside of the constructs of space and time through combinations of improvisation, structure, drones, sound bites, binaural beat theory, and melody. (bits to take the mind away)

"Buy the ticket.......take the ride."

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a few excerpts from hour long musical journeys, and some full on musical journeys.

The first is from a double album... "The Owl Chronicles".....rekorded in january of 2003 in California. It is only a small chunk of the stream of consciousness that is the whole of 2 cd's. It is a bit more rhythmically based and not quite as atmospheric as the greater whole. The second is from an epic April 12th, 2003 show at the Jasmine Tree here in Portland, OR. Followed by 2 tracks which make up the album vertical falling... the second track is a more "normal" structured ditty i made for a PAN/ZEN compilation album from 2004. And now that i have a new web hosting server thang dang, i am able to put larger bits up.... so many more bits to come.... Just click on the smilies to download or hear.


owl chronicle chunk - 5.5mb-©2003 to-kä-ge
jasmine tree chunk - 5.5mb-©2003 to-kä-ge
the following 2 tracks are supposed to be played one after the other.... they are an album called vertical falling
to-ka-ge march 5, 2004... vertical falling track one 41:35 - 31.8 mb ©2004
to-ka-ge's little ditty... vertical falling track two - 6.5mb -© wed, feb. 4th, 2004
so there are two loose heads just floating around in here? 9.7mb - ©2004
sunday feb. 11th, 2007 - 2:30am ambient slumber party show - live performance - 77.4 mb - 1:24 - ©2007
this is a condensed variation on the theme of the hour and a half show above.... granted it is quite different, but similar movements were involved....... friday feb. 16th, 2007 - 10:30pm Cacophony show live at the someday lounge, portland - 31.3 mb - 34:10 - ©2007
the following are 2 half hour sets i did at the first installment of the PANZEN Konspiracy evening at Rotture here in portland on 4/23/07.

the first oppened the evening and the second was the finalle.... enjoy :)

monday april 23rd, 2007 live performance at Rotture 25.9mb - 28:13 - ©2007
monday april 23rd, 2007 live performance at Rotture 36.1mb - 39:24 - ©2007

"war of the worlds part IV... the fighting machines are coming"

there was a 24 hour durational noise event happening from saturday 27th 9a.m through sunday 28th 9a.m in Totnes, in the west of England.... ©2007

twelve noise artists attempted to save the world through the construction of
various sonic death rays.

performers from this session:

nic hallum
mat lord
rich hyde (RINGOCHRIST)
llewyn maire (TRY MY CABBAGE - PAN-ZEN)
joshua camozzi milligan (to-ka-ge - PAN-ZEN)
liam yeates (RINGOCHRIST)
alice kemp (GERMSEED)
mark greenwood (RINGOCHRIST)
max ensslin
rachel sweeney
tim dollimore
chris voisy

• photos from the session

exerpts... these are a few chunks i found that i thought were quite nice. it is quite difficult to make it through 24 hours of music to find tastey treats, but for now, i share these with you. i hope you like :)

• track 1- 42 minutes in oud and chanting

• track 2 - vocal drones and piano sample

• track 3 - a far out cover of the velvet underground's "heroin"

• track 4 - theremin, drum, violin

• track 5 - swells

• track 6 - squelchy beat with oud

• track 7 - nasty bits

• track 8 - in comes liam


• llewyn has posted several chunks in OGG format and other photos and info from this experiment here:

to • kä • ge consists of me, myself, and i.....with the occasional collaboration of musik and word folk. All musik created is created *live with guitar, guitar synthesizer, guitar preamp, oud, theremin, microphone, sampler, metal bowl, water, spring device, 2 kaoss pads, 4 mooger foogers (12 step phaser, ring modulator, low pass filter, & a bass MURF), a reverb pedal, a line6 delay/loop module, an electrix repeater, a decent sized mixer, jaw-harps, singing bowls, doodads, gadgets, and assorted bits & pieces.

*i use the repeater as a sampler and store sounds as 4 track loops to bring in and out of the musik. everything else is made right then and there on the spot; layered and layered through the thick walls of loop goodness.

Mmmmmmmmmm looptastic adventures in loop land!

A chunk of to • kä • ge's music can also be heard in the recent 104 minute animated film "The DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath", by Edward Martin III. It is the only known adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's 1927 fantasy novel and is a first feature by Guerilla Productions. Adapted and animated from the comic book series by Jason Thompson. The chunk of music is taken from a four hour long sunset set out in the middle of the Nevada desert at Burningman 2002 with Passiflora (Miss Tiffany Lee Brown).

A much larger chunk from another part of the same long set is incorporated into a documentary on Burningman from Montreal, Canada, by Dezember Productions entitled Black Rock Burning.