A number of years back, in the strange illusive realmz of San Francisco, guitar and vocalist Alix Sun (born in Virginia and raised in Brasil) culminated her musical ideas into a project called Quill. In 1994 this powerful trio was plugged into a richly creative realm of burning man frenziers, fire fairies and circus festival freaks; among them the likes of Beyond Race and Idiot Flesh. Sun suffered a dose of tendonitis a year later and Quill became history.
While on hiatus from S.F., Alix met gutarist Jonathan Trainor (born in Massachusetts) surfing in San Diego. They began collaborating sonically and Jonathan complemented her sound by picking up the bass and didjeridoo…
They relocated to the musically richer soils of Portland, Oregon to plant the seeds to form Spacefairy?. A concoction of polyrythmic tribal string drones, laced with experimental and playful vocals. In December of 2001, Dan Stauffer (originating from California) joined the couple on drums. A couple months later they were accompanied by Joshua Camozzi Milligan (also originating from sunny California) who added his aetherial mad-scientist guitar, theremin, doo-dads, gizmos, buttons and nobs, making up a thick layer of psychedelic madness?.Aaaahh the ?Space? in Spacefairy! In August of 2003 Stauffer left the project to explore other avenues and Aspen Walker (Indiana born/Portland,OR raised) enthusiastically joined the band, bringing new rhythmic direction and dimension. Seemingly suffering from the "Spinal Tap" syndrome, Spacefairy's drummers have been disappearing in strange and mysterious ways. In January and February of 2004 we had the pleasure of working with the electronic beats of Billy Neenos (Sleighted, Something's Burning, Sugar Pussy) who then passed the torch along to Mr. Charlie Brown, of whom we have been recently exploring the sonic waves. The bits came to an end with their farewell show in october of 2005. So ends the chapter of spacefairy...... yet, we all cary on.

Alix Sun – 12 and 6 string electric guitars and vocals
Previous projects: Surreal Weal – Daytona Beach, FL
Quill - San Francisco, CA

Jonathan Trainor - bass, guitar, didgeridoo, Percussion, and vocals
Previous projects: Altamira - Boston, MA
Trainor, Stakem, Byrne – MA/NYC

Charlie Brown – drums
Previous projects: Sugar Pussy – Portland, OR
Current projects: Paper - Portland, OR

Joshua Camozzi Milligan
guitar, guitar synth, theremin, loops, effects, and bits
Previous projects: Stella Luna - Bay Area, CA
Ibliss Impala – Portland, OR
Jawihge - Portland, OR
Silencio - Portland, OR
Current projects: To • kä • ge – Portland, OR
Mugwort - Portland, OR

Selected Venues Played:
Crystal Ballroom - Portland, OR
Lolla's Room - Portland, OR
Mnt Tabor Pub - Portland, OR
Alberta Arts Pavillion - Portland, OR
the Vinyl Club - Ashland, OR
ashland creek bar and grill, Ashland, OR
Club Galia - San Francisco, CA
Brookdale Lodge - Brookdale, CA
Fais do-do - LA, CA
Lollapalooza - White River Amphitheatre - Seattle, WA
Lollapalooza - Columbia Medows - Snt. Helens, OR
a number of artist warehouse spaces in the bay area and portland

Safe traveling fellow time travelers….