Spacefairy has bid farewell to its sonic adventures. We had our farewell show in October of 2005 and have moved onto separate endeavors. The bits cary on and we give thanks to all who gave their love and support.

these are some little diddies we've made.... just click on the smilies to hear......

spacefairy - dreamtime...aka the love mp3 - 6.4mb ... ©2003
spacefairy - pixie bites mp3 - 5.7mb ... ©2003
the top two are songs we rekorded at studio 111 in portland, OR through the Wyth Media Group

bellow is an older improv mini disc rekording from the basement and a recent scatter-blasted improv chunck with our last drummer Mr. Charlie Brown. enjoy.

spacefairy one mp3- 3.8mb ... ©2002

spacefairy - tastey bit mp3 - 5.8mb ... ©2004 with charlie brown on drums
spacefairy bio
these are some interesting bits from a basement session with charlie brown on june 28th, 2004....

enjoy :)

spacefairy article from the Santa Cruz Good Times
intro improv bit - 5.5mb - ©2004
blue light special - 4.6mb - ©2004
heat distortion - 3.7mb - ©2004
improv jam - 7.8mb - ©2004